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Havlicek's Resume One

Date: 01/17/06, 10:47 a.m. pst
Subject: Career Profile

From: Robert Joseph Havlicek
Location: 6717 North Gloria Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 91406-5950
Tel: 818-786-2697 ----- Email:

I do not allow organizations to use my name or to contact me to make solicitations other than as permitted in our Junkbusters Declaration.

To/Location: Internet Community

A published Protection Analyst, Military & Fine Art Photographer & Journalist. ARCO Corporate Security & Emergency Planning Experience. Strong in Organizational & Problem Management, Public Relations & Education, Advanced Emergency Medical Expertise, Electronic & Conventional Media Communications, Internal Auditing, Computer Aided Graphic Design, & Philanthropic Activity.

Seeking the benefits of service while performing as an integral part to a challenging, energetically driven position within a well intentioned, balanced, responsible, and productive organization.

Professional Experience:

May 11, 2002 to Present Young Champions Recreation Programs, Inc.; Santa Ana, California, USA

Offer guidance and instruction in Self-Defense for public school age children using martial arts and other closely related resources. Provided associated product sales, tournament clerical and retail accounting services. Utilized two black belt youths as primary instructors, several assistant student instructors, and parent helpers during class instruction.


March 11, 1978 to Present Boy Scouts of America; Van Nuys, California, USA
Merit Badge Counselor and Troop Committee Member

Provide male youth assistance towards program advancement with badges involving the following subjects: Archery | Communications | Crime Prevention |  Emergency Preparedness | Family Life | Fire Safety | First Aid | Genealogy | Hiking | Personal Fitness | Personal Management | Safety | and Wilderness Survival.

Attend weekly troop meetings, member transportation, accounting and other treasury duties, photographic documentation, overnight and week long camping chaperon.


June 11, 1984 to July 31, 1998 Atlantic Richfield Company, Corporate; Burbank, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and Pasadena, California USA
Senior Officer

Supervision, Multi-Facility, Staff of 11 Officers. Civil Authorities Liaisons, Computer Aided Access & Asset Control, Business Disruption Intervention, Command Center Operations, Communications, Drill Coordination, Electronic Surveillance, Emergency Operations, Employee Awareness & Prevention Programs, Executive Protection, Interviewing & Interrogation, Master Key Systems, Safety Regulations Administration and Maintenance, Training & Development...

Uninterrupted attendance characteristically maintained for this Around-the-Clock, On-Call Environment. Administrator of Neighborhood Watch Assistance, Crime Prevention Month, & "National Night Out" Awareness Programs.


1983 to 1984 ARCO Solar Industries; Carrizo Plains, Chatsworth, Camarillo, Hesperia, & Woodland Hills, California USA

Supervision, Multi-Facility, Staff of 5 Officers. Civil Authorities Liaisons, Computer Aided Access Control, Business Disruption Intervention, Command Center Operations, Communications, Electronic Surveillance, and Emergency Operations.

*Comprehensive Employment Inventory


U.S. Army Signal School, Photography, Ft. Monmouth, NJ & Ft. Gordon, GA, 08/1974 - 12/1975

California State University, BA, Photography, Deans List Fall '77, Spring '78, Northridge, CA, 02/1968 - 06/1979

Police Science Institute, General Law Enforcement, Scranton, PA, 04/1983 - 01/1984

National Safety Institute, Safety Supervision, Chicago, IL, 04/1989 - 06/1989

FEMA Emergency Management Institute, Lewis & Clark College, Godfrey, IL, 6 units, 12/21/1993

UCLA Center for Pre-Hospital Care, Emergency Medical Technician (EMT-1A), Los Angeles, CA, 01/1993 - 03/1993

Reid Seminar, Interviewing & Interrogation, Studio Cty, Long Bch, Los Angeles, 06/15-16/1993 & 02/28 - 03/02/1994

American Red Cross, Emergency & Health Services Classes, Van Nuys, CA, 06/1992 - 03/1998

National Fire Academy, Emergency Management Institute, Wildland/Urban Fire Prevention, 02/14/1994

LAFD, Community Emergency Response Training, Los Angeles Depart. of Water & Power, 01/06 - 03/24/1994

Disaster Preparedness Academy, Orange County, 01. Triage 02. Workplace Violence, 05/10/1995

Harvey Mudd College, Claremont, Damage Assessment Supervision, Public Affairs Supervision, 08/07-13/1995

University of Cincinnati, Emergency Medical Services, 1.5 units, 10/14/1995

University of Texas, Emergency Rescue Services, 48 units, 01/1996

Los Angeles Sheriff’s Academy, Whittier & Downey, CA, Scientific Content Statement Analysis, 02/10-13/1997

University of Maryland, Emergency Medical Services, 73.5 units, 09/1998

*Comprehensive Education Inventory

Public Emergency Services Experience:

Elevator Incident, Los Angeles ARCO Plaza, North Tower, 20th floor, 04/02/1991

Public Affairs & Damage Assessment, Northridge Earthquake, San Fernando Valley, 01/20/94 - 02/18/94

Disaster Action Team Response, Apartment Fire, Northridge, 07/10/1994

Public Affairs Officer, Tri-Counties Flooding, Van Nuys, 03/10/1995

Liaisons Officer, LAPD Incident Command Center, Bomb Detonation, Van Nuys, 11/01/1995

Shelter Response, Apartment Fire, Adams Middle School, Los Angeles, 04/28/1996

Disaster Action Team Response, Apartment Fire, Sylmar, 08/20-21/1996

Public Relations Officer, Calabasas & Malibu Wildland Fires, Emergency Operations Center, Van Nuys, 10/21/1996


Catalyst Magazine, U.S. Department of Justice, ARCO’s Are You Safe? Presentation, 10/01/1992

ARCO Spark, Walktoberfest, ARCO Security Participation, 11/1992

ARCO Spark, Float Decoration Volunteer, Azusa, 01/1993

ERT Magazine, Los Angeles, Honorable Mention, Fall 1993

Junior Achievement Video, National Syndication, 05/29/1994

ARCO Spark, Corporate Volunteer Award, 12/16/1994 & 04/17/1997

The Round Table, Boy Scouting, Balboa District, 02/28/1995

Across L.A., Red Cross Quarterly Newspaper, Spring 1995

Strathmore’s Who’s Who Directory 1996-97, 11/07/1995

Red Cross “Going on Assignment” Training Video, National Syndication, 12/1995

American Society for Industrial Security, Dynamics Magazine, Honorable Mention, September/October 1997

CSUN, Arts, Media & Communication News, Honorable Mention, Volume 4, Issue 2, Fall 1997


Cold Weather Indoctrination, U.S. Army, Headquarters Company, Fort Campbell, KY, 10/26-28/1976

Manager & Warden, Incident Command Training, ARCO Corporate, Los Angeles, 06/21/1990

Fire Safety Counseling, Boy Scout Troop 9-1-1, Northridge, 27 Attended, 04/18/1992

“Are You Safe” Video, ARCO & National Crime Prevention Council, 300+ Attend, Los Angeles, AP, 06/24/1992

CPR Instruction, AMCO Manager’s Meeting, L.A. Athletic Club, 03/31/1993

Fire Suppression Instruction, Van Nuys, Red Cross Disaster Services Meeting, 10/12/1995

Test Your Best '96, ARCO Emergency Medical Triage & Preparedness Exercise, 02/09-10/1996

Unique Obligations:

FBI Heliport Aircraft Operations, Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, Los Angeles, 1991

Secret Service Escort Assist, Treasury Secretary Lloyd Bentsen, Los Angeles, 11/12/1993

LAPD, SWATT High-rise Exercise, Los Angeles, ARCO Plaza, 06/05/1994

Secret Service Airport Operations, President George Bush, Burbank, 01/07/1996

Incident Commander, Suspicious Package Response, ARCO Plaza, 49th Floor, 06/03/1997

Certifications, Appointments & Special Recognition:

Security Clearance, Secret, U.S. Army, 09/10/1975 - 03/11/1977

Member of the Press, State of Tennessee, 01/1975 - 12/1978

Public Information Officer, American Red Cross, Since 10/1992

Emergency Medical Technician, State of California, 04/06/1993 - 04/06/1995

ARCO Corporate Community Service Honoree, Diabetes Association, Boy Scouts, & Red Cross, 07/19/1993
Technician, Amateur Radio “HAM” Lic # KE6LBF, Since 06/18/1994

Member, American Society for Industrial Security “ASIS”, Since 10/ 25/1994

ARCO Corporate Volunteer of the Year, 1994, ARCO Volunteer Services Program, 12/16/1994

Coordinator, Damage Assessment, American Red Cross, Valley District, Since 04/13/1995

ARCO Corporate Volunteer of the Year, 1997, ARCO Volunteer Services Program, 03/24/1997

Associated Leisure Activities:

World Traveler/Genealogical Investigator, Since 1976

Coordinator; Neighborhood Watch, Volunteer, Van Nuys, Los Angeles, CA, Since 1983

Instructor; Emergency Services Response - Damage Assessment & Health Services - 1st Aid / CPR, American Red Cross, Since 1992

Webmaster; The Havlicek Cooperative, Meeting Place for Havlicek's Internationally, 1995 - 2005


Available upon request.

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