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Havlicek's Gloria Avenue Neighborhood Watch

Van Nuys area critical assistance information and resources with telephone numbers.

Safety & Health Assistance Resources

Abandoned Vehicles: 800-222-6366
Airport [Van Nuys]: 785-8838
Alarm Permits: 213-485-2931
Animal Regulation West: 756-8481
Anonymous Crime Reporting: 800-873-7283
Arson Hotline: 800-633-2836
Bassett Street Elementary School 782-1340
Battered Women, Shelters & Counsel: 800-978-3600
Building Permits: 756-8201
Bulk Items Removal West: 800-773-2489 or 756-9631
Chemical Dependency Help: 800-367-2727
Chief of Police: 213-485-3202
Child Abuse: 800-540-4000
City Employee Misconduct: 800-824-4825
City Employment: 213-847-9424
City Hall Operator 756-8121
Community Conflicts: 213-974-7622
Councilmember Cindy Miscikowsky: 756-8150
County Info Referrral: 501-4447
County Jail: 213-780-2600
County Supervisor, Zev Yaroslavsky: 213-974-3333
Dead Animal Pick-up [Sanitation Dept] 756-8521
Electrical Trouble: 800-821-5279
Elder Abuse: 800-992-1660
Goodwill Industries: 904-9130
Graffiti Clean-Up: 800-782-7463 or 213-237-0887
Health Service Info Referral: 800-427-8700
Homeless: 213-683-3333
Household Hazardous Waste: 800-988-6942
Hospital Emergency Room: 902-2990
Illegal Drug Sales or Use: 800-662-2878
LAPD & LAFD Recruitment: 800-421-9555
Legal Aid: 213-487-7609
Mayor's Office: 213-847-3634
Neighbor/Landlord Disputes: 213-896-6526
Noise Enforcement: 213-893-8120
Parking Enforcement: 756-9418
Poison Control: 800-876-4766
Police Garage [Official]: 504-1113
Red Cross, Valley District: 376-1700
Restraining Order: 213-974-5587
Road Information: 800-427-7623
Salvation Army: 782-1127
Street Light Repair: 800-303-5267
Street Maintenance: 213-485-5611
Taxi: 787-1900
Teen Counseling & Services: 800-833-2499
Telephone Equipment Damage 611
Toxic Chemical & Oil Spills Center: 800-424-8802
Water & Power: 800-342-5397
Water Trouble: 800-499-4611

Non-Emergency Contacts

LAPD: 994-5273
LAFD: 785-2151
Highway Patrol: 213-953-7378
L.A. City Hall: 756-8121
MTA Police: 213-992-6280

Van Nuys Police Contacts

Collision Follow-up: 756-8391
Community Policing Office: 756-8485
Desk: 756-8343
Detectives: 756-8371
Drug Abuse Resistance: 800-223-3273
Jail: 756-8347
Property: 756-8397
Resistance Against Street Hoodlums 756-8710
Scout Explorers & Volunteers: 756-8308
Traffic: 756-8381
Vice: 756-8385

It's the Law

Shopping Cart State Law

Sacar los carros sin authorizacion del estacionamiento es una violacion de la ley del estado (Seccion 22435 del codigo de negocios y profesionales de California).
Unauthorized removal of a shopping cart from the store parking lot is a violation of state law (California Business and Professional Code, Section 22435).

Local Crime History

Gang Drive-by Shooting

Sunday, February 16, 1992 in the 6500 block of Woodley Avenue, a gang related drive-by shooting occurred. Suspected gang member & pedestrian David Acuilar victimized with a gunshot wound to his torso.

Further information requests should be directed to Detectives Rick Swanston & Joel Price of the Los Angeles Police Department, & Times Staff Writer Lorna Fernandez.

Berneda McMackin Homicide

Sunday, 09 October 1994, between 12 noon & 2:30 p.m., the stabbing/beating murder of 77-year-old senior citizen & recycling advocate Berneda McMackin occurred inside her Van Nuys home located at 6435 Blewett Avenue. She was found on the floor of her kitchen after neighbors & police entered her unsecured home because of a fire. Police suspect robbery to be the motive even though her body was found nude. It is speculated that the fire was deliberately set to cover up the crime. Berneda was the surviving spouse of a retired Los Angeles Sheriff’s Deputy.

Suspects: None
Murder Weapon: Mason’s Trowel [similar to a putty knife]

Further information requests should be directed to Detectives John Edwards & Stephen Fisk of the Los Angeles Police Department, Los Angeles Fire Department Captain Thomas Brennan, & Daily News Staff Writer Terri Hardy & Times Staff Writers Julie Tamaki & Chip Johnson.

Pedestrian George K. Gureghian Incident

Thursday, December 29, 1994 at about 6 p.m. near the intersection of Victory Boulevard & Gloria Avenue, 62 year old pedestrian & retiree George K. Gureghian was hit and killed by 2 vehicles in his unsuccessful attempt to cross Victory Boulevard outside of the crosswalk. Gureghian lived at 6445 Gaynor Avenue, Van Nuys, less than a mile from the incident.

Incident considered accidental.

Further information requests should be directed to Officer Bill Rice of the Los Angeles Police Department, & Times Staff Writer Chip Johnson.

Francisco Adame Gang Homicide Incident

Monday, September 15, 1997 at about 8 p.m., Intersection of Vanowen Street & Gloria Avenue, a gang related drive-by shooting left 16 year old Francisco Adame, bicycle rider & suspected gang member dead from the wounds he received. The victim was a graduate of Bassett Elementary School, 15756 Bassett Street, Van Nuys, 1 block North of the crime scene.

Suspects were described as 2 males in an unidentified vehicle.

Further information requests should be directed to Detectives Stephen Fisk, David Escoto & James Leahy of the Los Angeles Police Department, & Times Staff Writers Soloman Moore & Jose Cardenas.

Brandishing of a Firearm

1:15 P.M., Friday, 23 October 1998, 3 male Hispanics were witnessed walking Vanowen Street Westbound crossing the South element of the intersection at Gloria Avenue. They were all estimated as about 20 years of age, light in complexion with closely shaved heads. One of the group was brandishing a handgun that was positioned under his belt below his navel. His shirt was pulled up to openly display his possession. Another of the group was carrying a baby of approximately 1 year. The group then crossed Northbound at the Vanowen/Gloria and were last seen traveling West on Vanowen towards Woodley Avenue.

The incident was reported to Councilmember, Cindy Miscikowsky's office personnel, LAPD Front Desk, Officer Salcido and the LAUSD Police Operator #121.

Three LAUSD Police Officers in official vehicles were witnessed patrolling the Bassett School perimeter at about 3:40 P.M.

Vicious Animal Attack

10:40 A.M., Saturday, 24 October 1998, female resident was attacked by 2 large canines, 1 adult & 1 juvenile, black and dark brown respectfully. As the resident was relocating her vehicle from her driveway to a street-side location the animals approached her in front of her home. Both animals were barking & snarling viciously. The victim quickly entered her yard and attempted to close her driveway gates. Both animals continued their assault until the victims husband drove up the driveway towards the gate applying the car horn. Both animals then proceeded down the block.

Concerned about a possible vicious attack on another neighbor, the victim's husband attempted telephone contact with Animal Control. Repeated attempts were met with a busy signal from 10:44 until 10:48 A.M. at which time the non-emergency Los Angeles Police Operator # 203 was contacted. A report was filed followed by the assurance that a car would be dispatched.

11:00 A.M., LAPD Patrolmen were on scene. Officer's Martinez # 34417 & Marbley # 26886 were warned about the location, temperament and owner address [6654 Gloria Avenue] of the suspected animals. They proceeded to make contact with the owners and took their information. The Officers stated that their report would be sent to Animal Regulations for further action.

Stolen Shopping Carts

Tuesday, 27 October 1998, 12:50 p.m., A collection of 5 stolen shopping carts were reported to the collection agency at telephone # 1-800-252-4613. A female operator answered and requested the owner description of the property & location address. 1-Vons # 161, 2-Lucky, 1-American Way, & 1-99 Cent Only Store carts were identified. Address location was 6748 Gloria Avenue on city parkway. The operator said she would "let the contractor know" and was thanked by the reporting party for being there.

Thursday, 05 November, 10:14 a.m. reported carts absent from site.

Haskell Avenue Gang Vandalism

Between the hours of 3:30 PM, Wednesday, 04 November and 4:30 PM, Thursday, 05 November 1998, at 15865 Vanowen Street, corner of Gloria Avenue, street hoodlums defaced private property with dark green spray paint. The building is described as an apartment complex and the defacement is on it's Southwest corner facing Gloria Avenue. This incident is considered Haskell Avenue gang related by LAPD. The graffiti is described as the initials HLS over the Initials CrIUKC with a line through the trailing C as if to look like a cent sign. Bassett Street Elementary School is only 1 block North of the location. Within the last 2 years a prior student of Bassett Street Elementary was shot and killed on the Southeast corner of this same intersection. Last graffiti incident reported 05 August 1998.

Gang Graffiti Vandalism

Neighborhood member noticed at 9:00 AM, Thursday, 31 December 1998, numerous incidents of gang related graffiti. The Northwest corner of Gloria Avenue & Vanowen Street was vandalized with what appeared to be black marker. The inscription SPEKO 98, LISKP, & HERO covers the telephone equipment utility box that is positioned within the parkway. The apartment building at the Southwest corner was the next target observed. Utility cabinets on the East side of the structure were inscribed with SPEKO twice and other indecipherable scribbling. A Tenant Parking Only sign also on the East of the structure towards the rear had been defaced. At 6747 Gloria, a duplex that presently is for sale, received the inscriptions BLEND, SPEKO, & OWZ on the Pinnacle signs placed on the front wall & hung from a parkway post. Another telephone utility closet at the parkway of 6741 Gloria now adorns the graffiti SPEKO 98, MINDLESS, & NLH. Curb top at 6741 Gloria reads MINDLESS & NLH. A metal fence post at 6729 had initials inscribed. The mail box at 6719 was initialed. Curb top & gutter at 6707 advertise NEO & MINDLESS in what appears to be black marking pen. Ultimately, the yellow stucco wall at 6655 Gloria was disfigured in black at it’s Northwest corner. LAPD CRASH unit, We TIP, Graffiti Busters, Pacific Bell Field Supervision, Pinnacle Real Estate Company & Councilmember Cindy Miscikowsky’s office notified. Last Gang Graffiti reported 5 November 1998.

More Gang Graffiti Vandalism

Tuesday, 05 January 1999, at about 3:00 PM, graffiti vandalism of safety/security signage posted on the Northeast corner of Hartland Street & Gloria Avenue on Bassett Street School property was observed. 4 signs were written over with the inscription SPEKO & HERO. Black marker the apparent medium. 2 of the signs had earilier inscriptions crossed out with the inscription something to the effect of ZAWZR applied. These were applied in blue using a possible marker device. The Bus Stop bench at the Northeast corner of Gloria Avenue & Vanowen had SPEKO & HERO inscribed in black, possible marker medium. This was applied on the face of the advertisment facing the public street. Other graffiti covered the back and top of the benches. The apartment building across from 6754 Gloria had received more graffiti applied over the top of the yet unresolved items mentioned to authorities on 31 December 1998. Utility boxes at this location now are adorned with NWS, Bang’n Blue, & BB in what appears to be black marking pen. Reported Wednesday, 06 January 1999 at 1:32 PM Pacific Bell 611 Repair Operator Marilyn, at 1:37 PM, LAUSD School Police Dispatcher # 178, at 1:42 PM a female employee of Coast United Advertising, at 1:47 PM a female employee of Pinnacle Real Estate Company, at 2:05 PM the LAPD CRASH Unit & at 2:06 PM Councilmember Cindy Miscikowsky’s office. Last Gang Graffiti reported 31 December 1998.


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